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AI computing seminar of Advantech/NXP/Next-Cube

How to use Arm-based products to successfully construct AI/AIoT application cases.

AI is rapidly changing our lives, work, and the industry we live in.
In response to the fast-growing AIoT application needs,
NXP Semiconductors has launched the first Arm architecture chip with AI NPU that the industry is looking forward to,
And what product solutions does Advantech have based on this platform?

On the other hand,
in addition to providing a diversified hardware platform,
what software services can Advantech also provide to accelerate application development?
Please look forward to this seminar,
in addition to In addition to the introduction of innovative technologies,
we will also be honored to invite leading partners in the industry - Next-Cube corp.
to share with us how to use Advantech's Arm-based products to successfully construct AIoT application cases.