Keen means “focus”, also homophonically with “King”,
Boundless means “boundlessness”, just like horizon as unlimited.
What we are always doing in the things of the next AI.

Every AI-cube is the next cube.

Next Cube is a company for solution provider of “AI” technology.
We Devote resource in R&D engineering and design electronic devices of health care, industry, vehicle, smart home/city, and etc.
The expert of multimedia AI process.

Proficient in AI algorithm

In addition to ODM, we have unique audio and video AI algorithms, and a very flexible customized system integration that can be applied to different platforms/SoC and various industries.

The expert of AI Voice process.

The company for solution provider of “AI” technology.
The speaker recognition, ASR, auto-translation, sound feature identification, denoise, even music separation, etc.
We can do most of the sound processing, even accurate listening position.

The total solution provider.

Every AI Cube is Next Cube

We have also applied other advanced peripheral technologies to assist our core AI algorithm, and also assisted companies in different fields to develop a variety of products. So far, more than 500,000 different products have been available on the market.

The expert of AI Vision process.

This is a demonstration of a hospital in Taiwan,
using our AI vision and hearing products.
In fact, many products in your daily life are using our advanced AI algorithms.
This is because our core technology has been widely used and Recognized by partners,
do you want to know what our advanced vision algorithm can do?

In-Vehicle Head Products
Security & Surveillence
Home Appliance - Sweep Robot
Heathcare / Environment Detector
OTT / SoundBar / Android TV Module
Customize Dev. Board